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Why Laravel is the best PHP Framework

Laravel Framework is sweeping the PHP community with its rapid growth and popularity. The web’s server-side language has seen a renaissance with the introduction of PHP 5.5 and Laravel Framework.

Why Laravel

What is a Framework?

A framework makes easier for you to develop an application. It prevents you from rewriting the piece of code each time you write the website.

What is Laravel PHP Framework?

  • It is a set of PHP files that facilitates programming with PHP.

  • It abstracts complex functionalities by providing easy to use functions and methods that do the work for you.
  • It uses MVC pattern which separates code logics from HTML.
  • It was built using best practices and security in mind.
  • It is a very stable framework that can keep the web application that is built on the top of it. This functionality makes the web application more responsive.

When Did It Start?

A framework makes easier for you to develop an application. It prevents you from rewriting the piece of code each time you write the website.

Laravel Journey

It was February 04, 2015 when the latest version of Laravel, i.e. Laravel 5 was released. This release introduced the first application structure as a default project. It came with below features:

  • Route Caches
  • Artisan Improvements
  • Fresh Application Structure

Understanding Laravel

To understand it better, let’s pretend a user who types out a URL or a website name which runs a Laravel Framework on top of a PHP server. First, the request goes from user’s computer to Laravel which takes care of routing, finding the appropriate files and then processing. Then, Laravel sends out the processed data to the user’s web browser. Laravel intercepts all the incoming requests and processes. This gives Laravel an upper hand over running PHP scripts on the same server. Also, Laravel doesn’t give access to its component which is a security measure to prevent hacking the websites by injecting code remotely. Hiring a Laravel Developer helps build the web interaction in an efficient manner.

Understanding Laravel

Whys Use Laravel

There are several reasons why Laravel should be used on top of a PHP Framework. However, we will list a few here:

  • It is easy to adapt
  • Exceptional Documentation have been developed by Laravel Community
  • It is easy to present in the simplistic way
  • The Laracast videos (Community) are exceptional
  • It is extensive as you can easily integrate module in to Laravel application
  • It uses Eloquent ORM
  • Easy Routing by passing variables

Whys Use Laravel

  • Laravel is an intermediate system that intercepts request and processes them.

  • It manages the logic and the styling of the web application.

  • It stands in the front so that security rules can be implemented from the front level.

  • Blade Templating Engine: It is extensible and very fast. It encompasses into PHP and encaches the result. You can generate dummy request for testing in the database. A Laravel Developer can make the best use of this feature.
  • Composer: It allows you to install and uninstall modules that are required.
  • Queueing: If the application is long running application, the operations can be queued in and done in the background where the user isn’t constrained with the operations till it is finished.
  • Sending Email: config/mail.php only requires the necessary credentials and built on SwiftMailer package, sending emails won’t be a task anymore. Here’s an example:

    Example 1
  • Authentication: Laravel provides an easy interface for user authentication which is relatively simpler. Here’s an example:

    Example 2

Websites Using Laravel

There are a few websites which are already built using the Laravel PHP Framework. Noteworthy of them are:

  • Morgans Hotel Group
  • Snappy
  • Toyota Hall Of Fame
  • GoosePHP

Laravel Framework has marked an iconic stamp in the PHP Community and is developing with time to enhance existing functionalities. Hiring a Laravel Developer can ease creating flexible website in a comparatively lesser time duration. It is a promising framework and shall be around the coming years.

by Vishal R March 30, 2017 

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