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Use PHP for Advanced Application Development by Hiring a Laravel Developer

With a dominant 80% share of Web Development sphere, PHP has become one the of most powerful and popular server-side scripting language. As PHP is flexible to create a small-scale static site as well as large scale enterprise applications, a majority of websites currently are built on PHP.
The modern web development demands agile and well-organized approach, a code that is easy to maintain and reusable while securing the overall performance factor. One of the finest solutions for this problem is a Framework. By using PHP frameworks, web development grows more productive.
There are several PHP Frameworks which have their own individual highlights, like, Zend performs extremely well for the large projects, Symphony offers modular designing, CodeIgniter focus more on performance than the features. But, Laravel is a kind of PHP framework that performs ahead of its time and has opened new possibilities for web development. In recent years, Laravel has become the most preferred PHP framework by developers and is presently the most stable platform.

Laravel – Mostly Preferred PHP Framework

An Open Source PHP Framework, Laravel is designed to simplify and speed up the process of web development. The one attribute that sets it above all the many is it is elegant and syntax-expressive. The ecosystem of Laravel is expanding rapidly with an active and dedicated community support of developer and renders a plenty of helpful resources and tutorials for anyone who wants to start quickly.

Below are listed the incredible features of Laravel’ that makes the agile application development easily possible.

MVC Architecture

Laravel is based on the Model View Controller Architecture (MVC) and retains transparency among the login and the presentation. MVC Architecture helps the Laravel developers to form clear and distinct codes, which further makes the documentation process simple.


Laravel is built on over 20 libraries and is also classified into several segments. The PHP framework supports the futuristic web needs, which empower the Laravel developers to create efficient, responsive, modular, and web apps.


The testing methodologies in Laravel are secure; it gives support with which you can ingeniously test the apps – plan according to your test path, can crawl the HTML result, and check that the functions are running the right way.

Template Engine

“Blade” is a lightweight template engine provided with Laravel which can be used to create simple yet powerful web apps. It provides precisely structured widgets of JavaScript and CSS codes.

Configuration Management

Laravel accordingly adjusts the configuration setting for each setting – that you can define separately for the production server as well as the local development. The Configuration Management minimizes the uncertainties of failure when the application operates in a different environment.


Routing trails very adaptable and simple approach. When you define the paths of your web app, Laravel provides a lot of flexibility. By using the built-in tools, you can quickly systematize routing and other functions.

Query Builder

The Database Query Builder is an efficient and excellent interface which operates well with all the supported database. You can carry out almost all the database operations on this easy to use interface.

Artisan Console

Artisan comes included with Laravel is as a Command Line Interface. The artisan console is powered by Symfony Console component and provides several helpful commands that ease the development process.


Laravel among all the PHP frameworks rules with the features that facilitate progressive web development. Currently, Laravel has reached its peak of popularity as more and more web developers are switching to its trustworthiness. The framework has opened new possibilities for the enterprise app development, and you can too avail its benefits by hiring a Laravel developer.

by Vishal R May 25, 2017 

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