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Laravel For Enterprise App Development – A Necessity or Just a Trend?

The competition on the web is so aggressive that every business today in order to stay on the top of their league embrace the latest and top technologies. Similarly, enterprises today look Laravel as the great choice of technology framework for their application development.

Enterprise with a web application has a high brand reputation as using technology they stand different from others. Laravel currently is one of the most preferred choices of developers for web services deployment and enterprises today leverage the benefits of Hire Laravel developer to compete with their rivals.

The PHP framework is open-source and leads the position in the list of next-generation frameworks. Today it has evolved successfully as the most promising PHP framework for a successful enterprise application development which follows the MVC architecture. Currently, on the Internet, more than a million websites are built on Laravel and to add more, among them are the Fortune 500 companies.

GitHub declares Laravel as the most popular PHP framework, and definitely, if millions of enterprise websites are built on Laravel then undeniably choose it for your enterprise app development. For any business who looks ahead with this open-source framework or revamp their existing web services, take the best deal by hiring Laravel developers. Not just that it has a quick time to market, Laravel is a compelling and versatile open-source PHP framework.

Development of a fully-functional enterprise application requires a lot of complicated programming so that it genuinely conveys the services a business offers. Laravel comes with a pre-installed essential function which has impressively advent the speed of web application development. Laravel is not a strong contender just because of its powerful web development features, the framework is exceptionally secure and lays a strong foundation for any application built on this framework. Even if Laravel is used for the development of a heavy website, the framework never fails to give remarkable results.

The blog covers the top fascinating features of Laravel which makes it prime choice for enterprise application development:


Artisan is the built-in tool for the command-line, which builds and handles the Laravel project environment. A lot of repetitive and tedious coding tasks which developers desist from performing manually, are easy to implement and manage using the Artisan. Developers use Artisan to interact with the framework.

Database Migration

In Laravel every time a change is made in the database migration, rather recreating the whole structure, it expands the structure. The database migration in Laravel has the benefit of having a secured development data. SQL in Laravel can be replaced by the PHP code to manage the database structure. Further, Laravel Schema Builder quickens the speed of database creation and column insertion.


The security of Laravel framework is undeniably secure as it implements hashed and salted passwords, so no password in Laravel is saved as plain text. For generating the encrypted version of the password, bcrypt hashing algorithm is used. The use of prepared SQL statements almost eliminates the injection attacks in Laravel.

Template Engine

The built-in templates of Laravel are lightweight and are used to create impressive layouts with dynamic content structures. Laravel comes with reliably structured CSS and JS widgets. Using these templates of Laravel, simple layouts with different sections can be built.


Laravel is built on various 20+ libraries and the reason why it is exceptionally a versatile framework. The open-source framework is based on modern principles of PHP and is segmented into a number of various libraries. This feature of Laravel helps developers create modular, responsive and handy web applications.

Unit Testing

Laravel is the most sought open-source PHP framework as it features unit testing. Developers perform numerous tests ensuring that nothing else in the web applications functions out of the track. The framework has one of the most stable releases and allows the developers to customize the code for unit testing.


Laravel all and all is a great choice that can help your business with a web application that make a difference. The Internet is an endless ocean, for businesses who don’t want to drown and emerge as the crowned head, Laravel is the most promising technology framework to bet this year.

If you are seeking web application development services for your business, consider Hire Laravel Developer, with the quality of code we give full control over your project.

by Vishal R July 16, 2018 

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