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Laravel – 2018’s The Best PHP Open Source Framework

Finding the right PHP Framework for your business website or web application development is definitely not an easy task. Since there are an abundance of options in the market, choosing a single one comes with its own challenges. However, in 2017 our dedicated team of developers worked with Laravel, and that makes us recommend, that Laravel is the best PHP Framework. This is not just because our hire team of dedicated developers worked with Laravel, but we also tried and tested other frameworks.

Laravel framework has the additional feature and capabilities that developers always looked for business to have the finest website or web application. It’s not that we boast of its credibility, even Github, gives Laravel 35231 stars. A large number of websites are now powered using Laravel framework.

So, what prompts the businesses to choose Laravel as their development framework?

We dug in depth into the undisputable popularity of Laravel at a global level and prepared some facts which shows the technical advantages of this open source PHP framework that push many businesses to embrace it over others.

Authorization Technique

One of the most praiseworthy things about Laravel is that in a very simple manner they have strongly implemented authentication techniques. The configuration is impressible. It proffers control access to various resources in a very simple manner. Talking about authorization logic, it is organizable in a very easy way.

Object-oriented libraries

Numerous factors set Laravel apart, yet much of the credit belongs to the Object-Oriented Libraries that the framework possess. Laravel comes with various other pre-installed libraries. This is what apparently developers do not find when working on other frameworks. We are especially fascinated by the Authentication library. The things that the authentication library a must-have, are its advanced features. Other notable features are, encryption, password reset, CSRF protection, etc.

Artisan Tool

Artisan as the built-in tool indeed is an excellent addition to Laravel. To launch a project environment, the developer use command line to interact with Laravel framework.

Laravel presents this fantastic command-line tool called Artisan to make things simpler for the developer. As a developer, you are benefitted as you get out entirely of the tiresome and redundant coding tasks done quickly and simply with the aid of this tool. Very briefly, Artisan surpasses manual operation to the greatest extent.

MVC Support

MVC architecture, just like in Symfony is the best thing that supports Laravel’s popularity. MVC architecture increases transparency between presentation and logic. MVC helps to improve the performance, yields better documentation and has various inbuilt functionalities.


While an application development, everyone uses some ways for the security. Laravel ensures this security within its framework. It employs salted and hashed password, which implies that the password never gets stored in the database as the plain text. It applies Bcrypt hashing algorithm for generating the encrypted copy of a password. Laravel practices prepared SQL statements which fails the possibility of injection attacks. Simultaneously with this, Laravel presents a simple way to avoid user input to bypass user injection of the script tag.

Database Migration

To keep the database in sync between development machines is a very troubling task for the developers. Laravel database migration makes this considerably easy. After working for a very long time, you may have performed a lot of changes to the database and, in this case, MySQL Workbench is not an efficient way to sync between development machines. With migrations as long as you hold all of the database work in migrations and seeds, you can easily migrate the modifications into any other development machine.

Blade Templating Engine

Blade Templating Engine of Laravel is very spontaneous and helps to work with the typical PHP/HTML so much beneficially. With the blade, it’s almost effortless to chop up an if statement with HTML inside of it.

How to Start with Laravel?

The incredible features of Laravel mentioned above are pretty adequate to explain that it’s the best PHP framework of 2018. Though, your project requires Laravel developers to get started. If you have a long-term project requirement that needs attention from scratch then dedicated hire Laravel developer teams are appropriate.


Laravel holds enormous popularity as the open-source PHP framework, and it is increasing day by day as of its flexible features. Laravel community provides better support for the web application development process. If you are amenable to outsource your web development project or seeking to hire Laravel developer service, then consult our experts today and get best-in-class Laravel development services.

by Vishal R January 5, 2018 

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