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Key Advantages of Laravel Framework

Laravel Framwework is a set of PHP files to facilitate PHP programming. It is one of the widely used frameworks and is developing with time. In order to solve common web problems, let’s quickly look at the key advantages of Laravel Framework.

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Building an Authentication and Authorization Systems

Laravel makes implementing authentication very simple. Almost everything is configured out of the box. It also benefits us with the easiest method to control resource access and manage authorization logic.

Integration with mail services

Laravel helps with a simple and clean API compared to the well-known SwiftMailer Library. It has drivers for Mandrill, Mailgun, Sparkpost, SMTP, PHP’s “mail” function, Amazon SES and “sendmail” and thus allowing the application to get started quickly by sending mails either locally or via a cloud based service.

Integration with Tools for making Web Applications Faster

It supports known cache backends like Redis and Memcached out of the box. Moreover, it is possible to even configure more than one cache configuration.


A blend of paid and free videos, Laracasts support for Laravel aids the Laravel Developer to understand how to use the framework. Following the videos with tutorials assists in programming and makes the job fun.

Fixing the most common Technical Vulnerabilities

Laravel is secure and provides security by protecting the web application against most of the security risks like cross-side scripting, SQL Injection and cross side forgery.

Configuring Error and Exception Handling

For any new Laravel oriented project, error and exception handling is already configured. It’s inbuilt integrated with Monolog logging library which supports numerous powerful log handlers.

Automated Testing Work

Testing unit with PHPUnit is an out of the box feature with Laravel Framework. Pre-implemented phpunit.xml does the entire job. The basic user behaviour is thus simulated to:

  • Form filling
  • Clicking Links
  • Making requests to applications

URL Routing Configuration

App/Http/routes.php file has all the Laravel routes pre-defined and it is loaded automatically by the framework. The basic Laravel routes provide an expressive and simple method of defining routes by accepting a URI and a Closure.

Seo Friendly

“Business Logic Code” and “Presentation Code” are separate

Being a MVC Framework, the separation is already done. The model is broken down into discrete pieces. The Model is broken down into number of folders and when thought about Application point of view, it actually helps the Laravel Developer code better.

Intuitive Syntax

Clear and maintainable code can be written using the Laravel Framework and there are numerous examples to show that. One such for pagination goes as:

$roles = Role::paginate(5);

Delayed Delivery Configuration

Message Queue System across different queue backends, assists with a unified API. The methods are unified in the framework where you do not mess up with the code when it has to be rewritten.

Scheduling Tasks Configuration and Management

The Command Scheduler in Laravel defines the Command Schedule fluently in Laravel itself. On the server side, only a single Cron entry is required.

Thus, with the list of advantages Laravel has, one can hire Laravel Framework Developer without investing in much thoughts. Certifications and tutorials are available online for proper understanding of the system and one can take benefits from them.

by Vishal S April 9, 2017 

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